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This page serves as a quick reference guide and set of links to entries on this website for songs written and/or recorded by the Pet Shop Boys. If a song appears on more than one album, it generally links to its initial appearance, even if it's on a different album (the exception being the Closer to Heaven cast album, in which such "replicated" songs have their own entries). A number of other songs that were not written by the Pet Shop Boys but with which they have been involved in some way—such as if they were only remixers or "background guest performers" on the track (such as by providing background vocals as opposed to lead vocals)—are generally not listed on this page but are nevertheless discussed somewhere on this website. You can use the drop-down menu above (upper-left, just beneath the site logo) to access these other songs as well as all of the songs listed below.

Please (1986)

Disco (1986)

Actually (1987)

Introspective (1988)

Behaviour (1990)

Discography (1991)

Very (1993)

Relentless (1993*)

*Originally released as a "bonus album" with special limited-edition copies of Very. Reissued as a standalone album in 2023.

Disco 2 (1994)

Alternative (1995)

Bilingual (1996)

Nightlife (1999)

Closer to Heaven (2001)

Release (2002)

Disco 3 (2003)

PopArt (2003)

Battleship Potemkin (2005)

Fundamental (2006)

Concrete (2006)

Disco 4 (2007)


Yes (2009)


Pandemonium (2010)

Note: This live CD was packaged with a DVD of the same concert with a more extensive setlist. The list above, however, provides only the tracks on the CD.


Ultimate (2010)

The Most Incredible Thing (2011)

Format (2012)

ElysiumElysium (2012)

ElectricElectric (2013)

SuperSuper (2016)

Inner SanctumInner Sanctum (2019)

Note: This live two-CD album was packaged with a DVD/Blu-ray set of the same concert with the same setlist.

Hotspot (2020)

DiscoVery - Live in Rio 1994 (2021)

Smash (2023)

Nonetheless (2024)

A Man from the Future (unreleased, but premiered in 2014)

Miscellaneous PSB b-sides, bonus tracks, EP tracks, etc.


PSB-written (or co-written) tracks generally available only as recordings by other artists

Miscellaneous tracks featuring only one of the Pet Shop Boys as writer and/or performer

Unreleased songs written by PSB