Read My Mind
by The Killers

Writers - Flowers/Keuning/Stoermer
First released - 2006 (original); 2007 (PSB remix)
Original album - Sam's Town (The Killers)
Producer - The Killers, Alan Moulder, Flood
Subsequent albums - Disco 4
Other releases - single (UK #15, US #62, US Dance #1)

Chris and Neil remixed this, the third single (released in February 2007) from the Killers' sophomore album Sam's Town. The Boys attended the Killers' concert at London's Brixton Academy in late November 2006 and met with them at that time, during which they discussed a remix.

The two bands' mutual respect and fondness for each other's music is well documented. In fact, the Killers' lead singer and principal songwriter, Brandon Flowers, appears frequently in the documentary Pet Shop Boys: A Life in Pop, offering his observations about the Boys' music and career. And perhaps it's only natural that his band should ask PSB to remix this song in particular. Even before Sam's Town was released in October 2006, Flowers told interviewer Craig McLean of The Observer, "He'll be proud of 'Read My Mind,' Neil will." He has also reportedly referred to it as, in his opinion, the best song that he and his bandmates have written to date.

Two PSB remixes have been released: a "Radio Edit" and a "Pet Shop Boys Stars Are Blazing Mix," the latter of which made it onto Disco 4. Both mixes follow the Boys' common (but by no means universal) pattern of adding support vocals by Neil to the mix, although in this case those additions are considerly subtler than they were for, say, Madonna's "Sorry." What's even more noteworthy this time around is that Chris's voice—somewhat distorted, as is so often the case—appears in the mixes as well. The PSB mixes are reportedly derived from what was essentially a preliminary Killers recording that featured only vocals and some guitar tracks; everything else in their remixes was added by Neil and Chris. Additional instrumental tracks by the Killers arrived too late to use for remixing purposes.


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