Mein Teil
by Rammstein

Writers - Schneider/Lorenz/Lindemann/Landers/Kruspe-Bernstein/Riedel
First released - 2004
Original album - Reise, Reise (Rammstein)
Producer - Jacob Hellner, Rammstein
Subsequent albums - Disco 4
Other releases - single (UK #61)

It's reported that the Boys created as many as seven remixes of the track "Mein Teil" by the German alternative metal band Rammstein, two of which were included on the single released in late July 2004. Rammstein, which counts PSB fans among its members, approached Chris and Neil about the remixes.

The song—the title of which translates as "My Part" or "My Piece" (though reportedly it could also be idiomatically translated as "My Cock"; Neil concedes it's a double entendre)—concerns the infamous 2001-2003 case (the events occurred in 2001, the trial two years later) of a German cannibal who advertised online for a mutually consenting meal and the gay man who responded. Sardonic PSB humor comes through in the remix titles: the "You Are What You Eat Remix" and the "There Are No Guitars on This Mix," the latter of which is included on Disco 4.

The original track is completely in German, but Neil added a few bits of English to the latter mix: namely, an oft-repeated "You are what you eat" and possibly a few other words so grossly distorted that they're all but indecipherable.


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