In Denial

Writers - Tennant/Lowe
First released - 1999
Original album - Nightlife
Producer - Pet Shop Boys, Craig Armstrong
Subsequent albums - (none)
Other releases - (none)

Neil and Chris had already long been working on their theatrical musical by the time they released Nightlife. "In Denial" is taken from among the songs they wrote for that show. It's a dialogue between two of the musical's main characters, a middle-aged gay man and his daughter. In this version, Kylie Minogue guest-sings the role of the daughter. Perhaps surprisingly, it manages to succeed despite the fact that here it appears outside the context of a storyline that would presumably lend it even greater strength.

To summarize, the daughter tries to convince her father that he's "in denial" about the negative aspects of his lifestyle—not being gay per se, but rather working nights in a club and constantly pursuing "queens and fairies and muscle Marys [and a] rough trade boyfriend who in his pathetic own way denies he's gay." In the end, they affirm their desire to work through their differences, each hoping that the other still loves him/her. It's extremely interesting, to say the least, to compare this performance to the version in the musical.

It's worth noting that during her 2005 "Showgirl" tour (as documented on her live DVD Showgirl - The Greatest Hits Tour) Kylie performed this song on stage accompanied by a recording of Neil's disembodied voice.



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