Do the Right Thing
by Ian Wright

Writers - Lowe/Wright/Kutner
First released - 1993
Original album - (none)
Producer - Chris Lowe
Subsequent albums - (none)
Other releases - single (UK #43)

This was Chris's first known songwriting credit outside his partnership with Neil. He co-wrote, produced, and played keyboards on this one-off hip-hop-styled track by U.K. soccer star Ian Wright. Apparently Chris composed the music while Wright and record company staffer Steve Kutner—who was largely responsible for bringing Chris and Ian together in the first place—collaborated on the lyrics.

Although Wright is admittedly an "unprofessional singer," he does a more than passable job of it. Lyrically it's more or less a catalogue of self-help, self-confidence-boosting aphorisms, with a healthy dose of preaching about social responsibility added for good measure. "You have the strength—do the right thing … keep the peace." The title reflects the Boys' well-known fondness for puns: Wright/Right. But neither the title nor the lyrics seem to have much of anything to do, at least not directly, with the famous 1989 Spike Lee film of the same name.

Chris and Ian apparently worked on a follow-up, but nothing came of it, leaving this the sole product of their collaboration.


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