Rhythm of the Night

Writers - Bontempi/Glenyster/Gaffey/Gordon/Spagna
First released - 1995
Original album - DiscoVery - Live in Rio 1994 (2021)

When the Pet Shop Boys performed "Left to My Own Devices" during the 1994 DiscoVery tour and reached the line "Che Guevara and Debussy to a disco beat," they launched into Corona's then-recent international dance smash for about a minute before returning to their own song. It's probable that this particular song was chosen because:

  1. as a recent international hit it would be both popular and familiar to their multinational concert audience,
  2. as a dance-music celebration of dance music itself it was a fitting link to the "disco beat" reference,
  3. Chris and Neil must have really liked it. Otherwise they wouldn't have done it.

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