New Boy

Writers - Tennant/Lowe
First released - 2020
Original album - (none)
Producer - unknown at this time
Subsequent albums -(none)
Other releases - bonus track with the single "I Don't Wanna"

Finally scheduled for release in late April 2020 as the b-side of "I Don't Wanna," the fourth single from Hotspot, "New Boy" traces its origins back more than thirty years, and perhaps closer to forty. Neil and Chris wrote it in the early or mid-1980s, right around the time they wrote "Rent." Originally titled "New Boy in Town," they had seriously considered recording it with Patsy Kensit, but nothing came those plans. It then sat in the can for decades, "mega-sloppy" as Neil once described it. But, as he revealed in a 2020 interview with Cameron Adams of the Melbourne Herald Sun, "One or two years ago I was listening to the cassette demos and I've always liked this song we wrote at the time we wrote 'Rent.' It's called 'New Boy.' I was at Smash Hits at the time. It's about two girls on the phone in some suburban area, they see a new boy in town and are talking about him. It's got a very strong melody, I've always remembered it. Anyway, Chris and I finally finished it off after however many years…." (Neil subsequently revealed that they completed it in 2018 but continued to withhold it from release a little longer.)

Years ago it was reported that "New Boy" includes the stanza—

You phone up your best friend
She's seen him as well
A new boy in town
He's always seen around
No one knows his name
But everyone feels the same

—but whether those lines still appear in the final 2020 product remains to be seen.

I'll provide additional information here as it becomes available.

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