The Schlager Hit Parade

Writers - Tennant/Lowe
First released - 2024
Original album - Nonetheless
Producer - James Ford
Subsequent albums - none
Other releases - none

According to Wikipedia, the word schlager—which is derived from the German verb schlagen, meaning "to hit"—refers to "a style of European popular music generally defined by catchy instrumental accompaniments to vocal pieces of pop music with simple, easygoing, and often sentimental lyrics." Wikipedia also asserts that schlager music is "frequently represented at the Eurovision Song Contest" and maintains that ABBA's music often bore elements of schlager. Then again, however, in Germany itself the term schlager is used to refer to a type of "folk music" infuenced by American country and "Tex-Mex" music.

Indeed, "The Schlager Hit Parade" has been described as "a very funny, bell-heavy song about the German postwar pop explosion that willed happiness and prosperity into being" (The Guardian, February 3, 2024). No further information is available about it at this time.

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