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October 8, 2021

On This Day…

Thanks to Andrew Shaw for suggesting a slight correction in the text describing one of the events noted in today's entries in "On This Day in Pet Shop Boys History."

October 4, 2021

On This Day…

I extend my very happy birthday wishes to Chris Lowe!

September 30, 2021


Chris's birthday is just a few days from now—Monday, October 4, to be precise—and as she has often done in the past, our fellow fan Sherry Gahan has posted a webpage where we can offer him our birthday greetings and wishes. I've already done so, and I hope you will, too! And thanks, Sherry!

September 29, 2021

Christmas Cards

Thanks so much to Alex Buleyshvili for pointing out that the "Happy Christmas from Pet Shop Boys" message on their official 2019 greeting card is in the same font and in the same lower-right position as text on the sleeves of the album Hotspot and its associated singles, a stylistic connection I hadn't previously noticed. So I've made an appropriate update to what I have to say about it on my page devoted to the Boys' Christmas cards.

September 27, 2021


Seeing as how today is the 28th anniversary of the release of my favorite Pet Shop Boys' album, Very, it's apt that a brand new online article on the Warner Music website Dig! provides a succinct but glowing retrospective assessment. Check it out!

September 22, 2021


Classic Pop magazine has posted a very nice online article by Andrew Dineley on the cover/sleeve art for various Pet Shop Boys releases. I don't agree 100% with the examples listed as the "best" (my own choices having been listed here and here), but there's no denying the quality of the selections made.

September 20, 2021

Corrections / Updates

Thanks to Bill Bahlman for catching and reporting a longstanding typo, now corrected, on my page for the album Format.

September 11, 2021

Corrections / Updates

Thanks to C.M. for pointing out a discrepancy in the lyrics of "The Loving Kind" between the Girls Aloud rendition and the Pet Shop Boys' own version, which I discuss in a new third bullet-point annotation to my commentary on that song. He also kindly alerted me to a typo, now corrected, on my page devoted to "Paninaro."

September 9, 2021

Song Annotations

Thanks to Rob Bingham for letting me know about a recent interview in The Guardian in which songwriter Diane Warren, who wrote "Numb," speaks of how she found the video for the Pet Shop Boys' rendition to be "emotionally devastating." I've made note of this fact, and the reason behind it, in an expansion on the pre-existing first bullet-point annotation to my commentary on the song.