Big Piano

Writers - Tennant/Lowe

This track is an instrumental from the 1992 Very sessions. As with "Baroq," the title is probably only tentative—a temporary label until the Boys could come up with something better. It's a fast-paced dance track somewhat in a house-music style and very much in the Relentless vein. In fact, considering that it seems to be in a more or less finished form, it's surprising that they decided against including it on that special limited-edition release. It's not as if there weren't room for it.

Nearly thirty years later, the Pet Shop Boys released a new recording, "Kaputnik," that in some ways bears strong similarities to this unreleased track. It's possible (though by no means definite) that they decided to repurpose and "jigger" certain elements of "Big Piano" for the newer song.

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