by "Blockhead" (or by Nicole Moudaber*)

Writers - Lowe/Igoe/Lowe
First released - 2003
Original album - Cafe Mambo (various artists)
Subsequent albums - (none)
Other releases - (none)

*Both the title of the track and the artist are listed as "Blockhead" on the React website. Aside from Chris himself and remixer Bright, the only other performer cited as having been involved with it is the female vocalist, dance music promoter/publicist Nicole Moudaber, who is credited as the performer on the React compilation album.

As reported on the official PSB website, Chris wrote and produced "Blockhead" in 2003 as a short piece of music for use in an advertising campaign for (appropriately enough) Blockhead brand sunscreen products. Within a year that piece of music had been remixed and expanded by DJ/producer James Bright into a track that apparently became a favorite at Ibiza's popular Cafe Mambo dance club. For a while it could be legitimately downloaded free of charge online, but now (as far as I know) it's only available on React Music's 2004 Cafe Mambo CD compilation.

Essentially a "mood piece" instrumental—there are female vocal interjections of the words "life," "freedom," and "escape," among others in English, French, and Spanish, but no real lyrics to speak of—it stylistically belongs to the dance genre known as "Chillout," an oddly relaxing groove that comes across as a hybrid of midtempo disco, trance, and New Age music with tropical/Mediterranean overtones. Considering that it was composed as "ad music," we probably shouldn't read much else into it. Still, it's tempting to say that, once again, it illustrates how Chris may provide the body and soul to Neil's intellect and articulation within the PSB partnership. An oversimplification, to be sure, but perhaps one that carries more than a grain of truth.


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