Walking on Thin Ice
by Yoko Ono

Writers - Yoko Ono
First released - 1981 (original); 2003 (PSB remix)
Original album - Season of Glass (Yoko Ono)
Producer - Yoko Ono, Pet Shop Boys
Subsequent albums - Disco 4 (among others)
Other releases - single (UK #35, US Dance #1)

The Pet Shop Boys were among several remixers of this tremendously successful 2003 re-release of one of Yoko Ono's best-known songs. The original version has the distinction of being among the last recordings that John Lennon ever worked on, his having done so earlier the same evening on which he was murdered. (In fact, according to The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll, he was holding a tape of "Walking on Thin Ice" at the very moment he was shot.)

The Boys figure on three remixes (four if you count an edit of one of them): the "Pet Shop Boys Radio Mix" (the lead-off track on the ten-cut CD single and the most likely candidate for airplay), the "Pet Shop Boys Electro Mix" (which is the one that appears on Disco 4), and the "Pet Shop Extended Dance Mix."


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