You Are the One

Writers - Tennant/Lowe
First released - 2019
Original album - Hotspot
Producer (album/single version) - Stuart Price
Subsequent albums - (none)
Other releases - (none)

This song's recurring refrain encapsulates it perfectly:

You are the one
I was the one

The tenses—present in the first of those lines, past in the second—spell it all out . "You," the person whom the narrator still loves, no longer loves him. So while he is still "the one" for the narrator, the narrator only used to be "the one" for him.

This deeply romantic song is steeped in nostalgia for love past. Its dense, murky production makes it sound as though it's being heard through a muslin filter, lending the track an almost archival, old-fashioned air from another century. The strangely, slightly out-of-synch piano that crops up several times late in the song heightens this mood of a time gone by. In this way the music lends powerful support to the sentimental lyrics, which describe fond memories of much happier times. Tweeting birds (which open the track) set the scene for a reminiscence of a lovely summer afternoon the two lovers spent together. The narrator then expands on this memory to express his ongoing but now forlorn love:

Winter, summer, spring, and autumn
Always in my heart

The Boys wrote this song in January 2015 during the period leading up to Super. But they decided to hold it back for inclusion on the next album after that, which of course turned out to be Hotspot. Shortly after first composing it they changed its name to "The One I Want," but obviously they changed their mind about the title, likely the result of changes to the lyrics as well.



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