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In April 2019 the Pet Shop Boys announced that they had once again collaborated with playwright Jonathan Harvey—with whom they had roughly two decades earlier worked to create the stage musical Closer to Heaven—to develop a new cabaret show titled MUSIK, scheduled to premiere the following August 5 at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In fact, it's a sequel of sorts to Closer to Heaven, presenting a one-woman performance by singer-actress Frances Barber in the role that she had originated in the earlier musical, the fictional German erstwhile pop star Billie Trix.

Described as fifty minutes in length, it's built around what the PSB website proclaimed to be "an outrageous book by Jonathan Harvey" and will feature six Tennant-Lowe songs, including four brand new ones written specially for the show. The two older songs will almost certainly be Billie's big hit in the imaginary world of the musical, "Run Girl Run!" and her best-known number from Closer to Heaven, "Friendly Fire," though only the latter has been confirmed at this time.

Little else is known about this show and its songs at this time, but I will of course provide additional information as it becomes available. There's also no definite word yet as to if, when, and how the songs from MUSIK might be made available to the general non-theatergoing public. Neil said, however, on Graham Norton's BBC 2 radio show that he and Chris had recorded the songs in the studio with Ms. Barber ("So we'll know what they're all meant to sound like") and hinted that these demos might be released to the public around the same time as the live show. Let's hope Neil and Chris indeed see fit to share this new music with their fandom worldwide.