Only Love

Writers - Tennant/Lowe

Another recording from the highly productive Release sessions, and also like "Motoring" included on the unauthorized disc of "November 2000 demos." But this one, according to Chris and Neil, has far greater potential. And "potential" is precisely the correct word considering the fact that, at least in its "bootlegged" state, it's clearly unfinished.

Neil has stated that this mid-tempo recording contains "a Cuban sample." It also includes long instrumental passages that are almost certainly awaiting the addition of verse and bridge melodies and lyrics. In fact, the only lyrics so far are the repeated refrain of "It's true, I have little to offer to you—only love." The instrumentation is especially noteworthy in that it features prominent use of electric piano (or samples that sound like an electric piano), a rarity for the Pet Shop Boys.

It will be interesting to see whether Neil and Chris ever decide pursue the ultimate completion of this lovely and extremely promising track.

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