Writers - Tennant/Lowe
First released - 1993
Original album - Alternative
Producer - Pet Shop Boys, Stephen Hague
Subsequent albums - Very 2001 reissue Further Listening 1992-1994 bonus disc (PSB), Closer to Heaven (performed by the original cast)
Other releases - b-side of single "Go West"

One of the Pet Shop Boys most popular b-sides, this song shows Neil and Chris at their most outrageous and uninhibited—five minutes of sheer, unadulterated fun. Yet, as fun as it is, it's not without a serious point.

There's no denying the implicit criticism of modern-day shock-value "celebrity for celebrity's sake" as voiced in the chorus: "We're shameless—we will do anything to get our fifteen minutes of fame! We have no integrity…." To their credit, Tennant and Lowe satirically cast themselves among this shameless lot—or at least step into their shoes—by writing in the first person as they previously had in the equally farcical "Opportunities," thus inviting all manner of harsh rejoinder. Fortunately, little or none came, either because this track was merely the b-side to "Go West," rather than a high-profile a-side or album track, or because by now everyone who might have cared got the joke.

In the Alternative booklet, Chris expresses some mild regret that this track, recorded during the Very sessions, wasn't included on that album and released as a single. Its obvious theatrical potential, however, all but ensured that it would eventually receive a somewhat higher-profile release. A new treatment of "Shameless" would find its way into the Boys' 2001 stage musical, Closer to Heaven.



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PSB rendition

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