What it's about: Neil's succinct statements on what a song is "about"

The following songs are those for which I've found instances of Neil making a succinct one-sentence explanation (or part of a single sentence) of what that song is about, beginning with the words "It's about…." or some close variation, such as "It is about…," "This song is about….," or "The lyrics are about…." In other words, the key word I'm looking for is "about." In a few cases the sentence or clause actually begins with a transitional word like "And" or "Well," which I'm disregarding for the sake of this list. In those and other cases where the sentence as a whole doesn't begin with "It's," I've capitalized the I in "it's" as if it were indeed the start of the sentence. When the subject of the sentence or clause isn't actually "It's," I replace the actual wording with "[It's]," in brackets like that, to indicate the adjustment. Also, in many instances I've found more than one "about" pronouncement by Neil about a song, but rather than list them all, I simply quote the one that I prefer—webmaster's prerogative.

And then there are the rare—very rare—instances of Chris being the one to weigh in on the meaning of a song, saying what it's "about":