Celebrity fans of the Pet Shop Boys outside the field of music

It's not at all difficult to find famous PSB fans within the realm of popular music, including singers, musicians, songwriters, producers, DJs, remixers, and music journalists. (If the following list were to include them, it would be at least five times as long.) But what about in other areas of human endeavor? I list here those that I'm aware of, each of whom, in addition to their "non-musical" claims to fame, must be (1) attested to either through his or her own documented words or unambiguous actions (which involves more than simply working with them since, after all, you don't necessarily have to be a fan of an artist merely to work with them for pay), and (2) somebody either that I've personally heard of before or whose "celebrity status" can be verified through Wikipedia or some other comprehensive and authoritative online source. (A few of these celebrities, such as John Altman, Sam Taylor-Wood, and Wolfgang Tillmans, do have "music connections" as singers, music journalists, DJs, and the like, but music or music-related work is not what they're primarily known for.)

If you're aware of any others—and can offer evidence of their PSB fandom—please do let me know!