Ode to an Ah
by The Hidden Cameras

Writers - Joel Gibb
First released - 2016
Original album - Home on Native Land
Subsequent albums - (none)
Other releases - (none)

Released in October 2016, the Hidden Cameras album Home on Native Land (a title derived from a line in the national anthem of Canada, indeed the native land of the band's leader Joel Gibb) features a number of guest artists, including Neil Tennant on the track "Ode to an Ah." A little less than two minutes in length, it's a pleasantly melodic but rather slight number in an acoustic country-folk vein, the "lyrics" of which (if you can call them that) consist entirely of nonsense syllables like "ah," "oo," and "ya." It sounds as though the multi-tracked vocals are provided by two or more people, of whom Neil must be one. But if I hadn't been informed of his involvement, I wouldn't be able to tell just from listening.

It's very much worth noting that Chris Lowe also gets a credit on this track for providing "additional recording." Perhaps it was Chris who recorded Neil's backing vocals.

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