6 or 7 guest appearances by Neil and/or Chris in other artists' music videos (plus a few more if we stretch it)

1. "Nothing Has Been Proved" - Dusty Springfield

Chris and Neil, who wrote and produced this latter-day hit for Dusty, appear as reporters in the video.

2. "Getting Away with It" (both videos) - Electronic

Two for the price of one. Neil, who co-wrote the song with Sumner and Marr, appears in his role of backup singer in both of the videos made for this track, though at times he's more like a co-lead, sharing vocal duties with Sumner.

3. "Disappointed" - Electronic

This time Neil takes front and center in the role of lead singer. (From this perspective it may not be altogether appropriate to call this a mere "guest appearance.")

4. "Hallo Spaceboy" - David Bowie

The Boys appear intermittently in performance scenes that alternate with those featuring Bowie himself. While Chris plays keyboard, Neil sings backup—once again sometimes more like a co-lead.

5. "Do the Right Thing" - Ian Wright

Chris makes several brief appearances in the video for this song, which he co-wrote and produced for U.K. soccer star Ian Wright. Perhaps surprisingly, Chris doesn't wear dark glasses. Perhaps not surprisingly, he's wearing a hat—in this case, a striped wool cap.

6. "I Can Change" - Brandon Flowers

Neil contributes a single spoken line—"And when you're looking for a change…"—to this 2015 solo effort by the lead singer of The Killers, and he makes an appropriately brief cameo appearance speaking that line in the song's official lyric video.

7. (maybe) "Left to My Own Devices" – Chris Catalyst

In this 2024 cover of the PSB classic, Chris Catalyst's face very briefly (blink and you'll miss them) undergoes a strange digital transformations and back again at several significant points—such as at about the 0:38 mark when he sings "party animal," at 1:27 when he sings "photographer," and at about 2:51 as he sings "It's not a crime when you look the way you do"—to someone else's face, bearing a slight resemblance to Neil Tennant wearing glasses. Is that really Neil? Some think so, and I concede the distinct possibility, but I won't be 100% sure about it myself unless Messrs. Catalyst and/or Tennant (or someone else in a position actually to know) confirms it.

And several other videos in which one or both of them also appear—sort of:

Also from 1988, this music video by the German band Okay provides a fleeting and partially obscured glimpse of a PSB poster above a classroom chalkboard.