Fun with grammar: the parts of speech of PSB album titles

Every Pet Shop Boys album title is, of course, a noun: a word that names a person, place, or thing—in this case, a record album. But from the very beginning, Neil and Chris made it clear that they intended for their album titles to be considered in a grammatical context in conjunction with their own collective moniker, "Pet Shop Boys." (Something of an affectation, to be sure, but an uncommonly thoughtful and intelligent one.) At any rate, as a writer, former writing instructor, and admitted descriptivist grammarian, I thought it would be fun to analyze the parts of speech of each PSB album title within that grammatical context. Keep in mind that a word's part of speech is determined by its usage more than by its meaning or any other inherent quality. And also remember: it's pedantic only if you take it too seriously.

So here, in chronological order, is each single-word PSB album title, followed (in parentheses) by a designation of its part of speech as well as a succinct analysis. And—wouldn't you know it?—even the very first one isn't as cut and dried as you might think:

So what's the count thus far? If you don't count the "alternate arguments" and the cases of "perhaps," always going instead with what I believe to be the strongest cases, then we have:

I'm voting for something other than these three parts of speech for the next album. How about a clear-cut, unambiguous verb? A pronoun? A preposition or a conjunction would be nice.

Or how about an all-out, unmistakable interjection? Smash doesn't quite cut it for me. I can see it now: Pet Shop Boys, Dammit!