Eastend Boys
by Stana featuring Tricky, KJ Fernandez & Professor Green

Writers - Dean Stanbury (?)
First released - 2019
Original album - Bandooloo
Subsequent albums - (none)
Other releases - (none)

The 2019 digital-only album Bandooloo by the U.K. rapper Stana (birth name Dean Stanbury) includes this track with a slew of guest vocalists. Listening to it quickly reveals that its recurring refrain—

So we're living in a westend town in/and [?] a dead-end world,
Eastend boys and westend girls

—is indisputably derived, both lyrically and musically, from the Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls," though it doesn't actually sample that classic. The iconic WEG bassline is also briefly echoed at the end of the refrain. Aside from that refrain, however, there seems little if anything else to connect "Eastend Boys" with PSB.

Because it's a digital-only release, songwriting credits have proven elusive. A couple of websites have identified Stanbury solely as both composer and lyricist, but do so for every single other track on the album as well, a seemingly rote exercise that casts those credits into doubt. If it should ultimately turn out that Tennant and Lowe indeed don't receive co-writing credit, that would strike at least this writer as thoroughly unjustified.

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