The key signatures of selected PSB songs

This is a somewhat arcane little list—some might even call it neurotic—but I'm rather proud of it. I've found or figured out (or, in a few cases, some of my online correspondents have found or figured out for me) the key signatures of a number of Pet Shop Boys songs. I certainly don't claim certainty, however, so if you know for sure that I'm wrong about any of these, or if you know the key signatures of any PSB songs that are missing here, . Please keep in mind that, for songs originally by other artists that the Boys have covered, the key in which they recorded it (listed here) may not be the same as the key in which it was originally written and/or previously performed.

It would appear that Chris and Neil have a particular fondness for the keys of A minor, C minor, and C major. (It's worth noting, however, that those—especially C major—also happen to be the most frequently used keys for pop songs in general.) Chris himself has confirmed this: in response to a fan's question about his favorite key for composing, he stated in the July 2010 issue of Literally that it's "either C minor or A minor." But he was quick to add, "Not exclusively."