by Nico Wieditz

Writers - Tennant/Wieditz
First released - 2021
Original album - Una Corda (Nico Wieditz)
Producer - unknown at this time
Subsequent albums - none
Other releases - none

German electropop artist Nico Wieditz, a member of the bands And One and Condition Icon—both of which had released cover versions of PSB songs ("It's a Sin" in the case of And One, and "Love Comes Quickly," "Rent," and "Suburbia" by Condition Icon)— released this track on his 2021 solo album Una Corda. He announced in advance of its release that it was co-written by Neil Tennant, but offered no other information about the nature of that collaboration or its surrounding circumstances. Many fans assumed that Neil might have written or co-written the lyrics. But when the album actually appeared, its credits specifically stated that its lyrics were written solely by Wieditz and its music was co-written Wieditz with Neil.

At this time there has been no further public information whatsoever provided either by Neil or by the PSB organization with regard to this song or this apparent collaboration. If I learn anything more along these lines, I'll be sure to provide that information here.


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