Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
by Lady Gaga

Writers - Germanotta/Kierszenbaum
First released - 2008
Original album - The Fame (Lady Gaga)
Producer - Martin Kierszenbaum, Pet Shop Boys
Subsequent albums - The Remix (Lady Gaga)
Other releases - single

"Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" was one of the singles (though only in Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe) from The Fame, the 2008 debut album by U.S. singer/songwriter Lady Gaga (née Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta). The day after she appeared as a guest vocalist during the Pet Shop Boys' February 18, 2009 hits medley performance at the Brits Awards show—where they received the coveted "Outstanding Contribution to Music" award—the "Pet Shop Boys Remix" of this track became available as a free download from AOL Music.

Interestingly, when the Lady herself presented a video with this mix on MTV Asia in June 2009, she introduced the track as "featuring the Pet Shop Boys" (my emphasis).

At least to this writer's ears, it's the finest remix Chris and Neil have ever done for another artist. Actually, although it's credited as a full-fledged PSB remix, Chris deserves most if not all of the credit; he worked on it without Neil's input, assisted by Pete Gleadall. The mix ramps up a pretty but comparatively lackluster midtempo number into a rapid, exciting techno workout that retains the original's melodious quality while adding some intriguing new chord changes. And—unlike so many contemporary remixes—it preserves, more or less, the complete original lyrics. All around, a virtuoso performance at the mixing board. My only complaint: at less than three minutes in length, it's too damn short! But, fortunately, an authentic PSB extended mix is also available. Though initially found only on a rare, hard-to-find dance DJ promo, it has since appeared on iTunes in some (but not all) countries.

The Pet Shop Boys Remix gained even wider release (in March 2010 in Japan and then in May in various other countries, including the U.K.) on Lady Gaga's album of remixes titled (surprise!) The Remix. But inexplicably, and much to the disappointment of their American fans, the U.S. edition of the album, released in August 2010, does not contain the PSB remix; it has a FrankMusik remix of "Eh Eh" instead. In fact, the U.S. version contains only ten tracks altogether, as compared to the 16 on the Japanese edition and 17 on the "international" version. A real slap in the face, if you ask me. Hence, I personally refused to buy a copy of The Remix, which I certainly would have bought if it had included the PSB remix.


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