Neil's excerpted comments near the end of
Part 2 of the BBC2 radio documentary
Pet Shop Boys, Really
November 1, 2003

Transcribed by Chris T. Peterson of the Pet Shop Boys Community Forum and reproduced here with his permission.

First Excerpt

Neil: … it looks amazing, actually.

(Chris laughs)

Neil: You know where I'm going straight off, it was only for five…. I'm not getting into this again. I will never look at it again for another year.

Chris: Was this the chat, online chat?

Neil: Yeah.

Chris: I'm gonna try it.

Neil: No, Chris, honestly, it would…. No, I mean the chat sites, not that thing where you can talk.

Chris: Oh, not the live chat thing.

Neil: The live thing's hilarious, that's got nothing, no (??? content ???) at all. This is…. They're all just saying mad things about the greatest… all (??? expecting ???) what's on the second album. Someone's said like, "If the nine minute version…"

Chris: Oh, they don't like "Sexy N…."

Neil: "… of 'This Must Be The Place I've Waited Years To Leave' isn't on, I'm going to be furious."

(Chris laughs)

Neil: Well, get ready to be furious, 'cause you know what, there isn't such a thing as it, and two, if there was it wouldn't be on anyway.

Second Excerpt

Neil: … and they have this incredibly pompous way, which I'm sure derives from us, a pompous way of saying all this stuff.

Chris: Is it like this on the U2 chats?

Neil: "Can't they get over 'Sexy Northerner?'" They did say that. "Can't they…." I f**king hate it.

(Chris laughs)

Neil: And them some of them, some brave person says, "Oh, actually went down really well." Well I f**king hate it, and they're all…. You know….

(Both laugh)

Neil: Oh, god...

Chris: The bloody Internet!

Neil: So we're not asking the fans….