Celebrities portrayed in the "New York City Boy" video

  1. Disco Sally (Sally Lipmann)
  2. Jerry Hall
  3. Bianca Jagger*
  4. Roy Lichtenstein
  5. Felipe Rose
  6. John Travolta (Neil: "I don't think it's a great likeness.")
  7. Andy Warhol

    Honorable mention for winking from a poster: Debbie Harry

*In real life, it was artist/window designer/Studio 54 habitué Victor Hugo who—stark naked aside from a lot of body paint—led the white horse on which Bianca Jagger rode onto the floor of Studio 54. In the "New York City Boy" video, the guy who's leading the horse doesn't resemble Hugo (for one thing, he doesn't have Hugo's moustache), wears a turban (Hugo wasn't wearing one), is not adorned in body paint, and is clothed, though bare-chested. So I doubt he was intended to "represent" Hugo in the video, despite leading the horse as Hugo did on the May 2, 1977 evening of Bianca's Studio 54 birthday party—which, incidentally, was thrown by the noted fashion designer Halston, who was Hugo's on-again, off-again lover at the time.