PSB Grammy nominations

So far the Pet Shop Boys haven't won any Grammy Awards, but they, their recordings, and/or their recording packages have been nominated several times. Here are their Grammy nominations to date. (The year cited is the year for which the nomination was made, not the year in which it was made; for example, 1994 nominees were announced and the Grammys were awarded the following year, in 1995.)

*I can't begin to tell you how much I personally detest "Sexy Back," and not just because it beat out "I'm with Stupid." No, I disliked "Sexy Back" the very first time I heard it, months before the Grammy noms, and my loathing only intensified each time I was unfortunate enough for it to assault my eardrums. That it did go on to beat out "I'm with Stupid" for the Grammy was merely the nasty icing on the cake. As for why I so despise it, the fact that it's an ugly, mindlessly repetitive, grotesquely and calculatedly self-aggrandizing track with precious little melody, consisting almost entirely of just two chords—yeah, they toss in a couple others now and then as grace-note embellishments, but it's still essentially a two-chord song—has a lot to do with it. That's just my opinion, of course, and I apologize if you're fond of it. I realize that one person's trash is another person's treasure, and considering just how trashy I believe it is, it must be somebody's Fort Knox. (Somebody aside from Justin Timberlake, that is.) And then, to add insult to injury, he went on to beat them again for the exact same award the very next year. At least "LoveStoned" is an immeasurably superior track to "Sexy Back."