I've Been Cited!

Aside from scattered links on other PSB websites (many of which are noted on my own Links page), my website has been cited a number of times by assorted "non-PSB" sites and publications. I note many of them below.

The single citation that I'm most proud of, however, occurred on November 17, 2003, when the Pet Shop Boys themselves mentioned my website during a live webchat sponsored by BBC Radio 2 (an image from which appears at the right). In response to a fan's question, "What do you think of the many unofficial websites devoted to you?" Neil first provides some generalities ("I think it's good. It's amazingly flattering.") and then talks about 10 Years of Being Boring, which he very aptly describes as "fantastic!" Then he says—

Neil: And there's a guy in America who's done one that's called "Pet Shop Boys Song-by-Song Commentary," and he's an author, and he's gone through every single song we've ever done, and talked about it and discussed it, and his conclusions are quite often wrong, but it's an amazingly thorough piece of work, and he updates it all the time—

Chris: And what's that one with all the lists? — What's that one, where he lists everything—the Top Ten—

Neil: That's him!

Chris: Oh, it's the same one?—oh, it's great, that one, and what I like is: "Ten reasons how the Pet Shop Boys wrecked their career in America"—and they're all right—you go through them—yeah, yeah, yeah—

Neil: 100% true!

I'm extremely honored and, frankly, thrilled that Neil and Chris have visited my site, have read much of what I've written, and seem to feel so positively about it, my "wrong conclusions" and all. And, in case you're interested, elsewhere I do provide my comments on Neil's assertion that my "conclusions are quite often wrong."

Years later—on September 22, 2009, to be precise—I received a similar citation (though not mentioned by name) in an interview with Neil by Tom Lanham for the San Francisco Examiner. Here's the pertinent excerpt:

Fans also helped the singer with his theories. For example, one with a song-commentary Web site listed "Ten things the Pet Shop Boys did to commit career suicide in America."

"It’s hilarious, but totally true," Tennant says. "Because Chris and I have never thought about having a career, never sat down and thought, 'What are we going to do next?' Something just always turns up."

In addition, right near the end of the Boys' April 25, 2024 appearance on the Talk Art podcast, Neil credited my website with regard to the official PSB site drawing upon my "On This Day in Pet Shop Boys History."

The Permanent Record Podcast hosted by Brian and Sarah Linnen, which deals with New Wave and Classic Rock music, focused on the PSB album Introspective for its two-art October 25 and November 5, 2018 editions (Episodes 69-70). Along the way, they mention me and my website several times—often, I'm pleased to say, in quite glowing terms—including a fairly lengthy segment quoting from and discussing my commentary on "I Want a Dog."

Each issue of the British men's style/fashion magazine Man About Town features a "theme." Issue #10, for instance, is "The Dog Issue." And the next issue, #11 (published, I believe, in late 2012), is "The Gay Issue." (Hmmm….) It includes an article about and interview with the Pet Shop Boys, during the course of which it makes the following reference to yours truly:

Even taking into account the rather solipsistic musical environment Tennant and Lowe inhabit, the new album Elysium is something of an island. Pet Shop Boys fans tend to be very keen on picking apart the Pet Shop Boys lyrics and pronouncements (see Geowayne.com for a comprehensive breakdown of every Pet Shop Boys song ever released by one Wayne Studer PhD)…[.]

A grammatical quibble about a somewhat misplaced adjective phrase (positioned as if it were an adverb phrase) would be both trifling and ungrateful of me. wink

Meanwhile, here are some other scattered citations that I'm aware of:

Variously hailed as "danceable synth-pop meisters," "satirical melodits," and "intellectual post-modern camp ironists," the Pet Shop Boys have provoked increasingly entertaining definitions from the pop press as well as achieving international chart success, attracting a following of devoted Pet-Heads world-wide, and inspiring web sites by Ph.D'd-up fans musingly analysing their lyrics [my emphasis].

Gosh—despite my degree, I've never thought of myself as "Ph.D'd-up" before. But, as far as I know, this is the first mention of my site in "real print" (as opposed to "e-print"), so I really appreciate the apparent reference.