Western World
by Lion Babe featuring Raekwon

Writers - Hervey/Goodman/Bloom/Raekwon/Lowe/Tennant
First released - 2019
Original album - Cosmic Wind
Subsequent albums - (none)
Other releases - single

This 2019 track by the U.S. duo Lion Babe (singer Jillian Hervey and producer/multi-instrumentalist Lucas Goodman), featuring guest rapper Raekwon, appears on their second album, Cosmic Wind, and was released as its third advance-release single. Immediately upon its release, writers and reviewers commented on its obvious musical debt to the PSB classic "West End Girls"—its opening and oft-recurring line, "In a western town, a western world," is sung to the WEG melody—to which the members of Lion Babe readily owned up. In a press release they affirmed, "'Western World' is a New York record inspired by the Pet Shop Boys and their classic hit 'West End Girls.'"

In effect a direct musical quotation, it earned Chris and Neil a co-writing credit for the song. Otherwise they had no involvement.

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