by Mis-teeq

Writers - Mikkel S.E/Rustan/Hermansen/Dixon/Tennant/Lowe
First released - 2003
Original album - Eye Candy (Mis-teeq)
Subsequent albums - Greatest Hits (Mis-teeq)
Other releases - single (UK #13)

Mis-teeq is proclaimed on their own website as "the UK's premier r 'n' b/garage girl band." That might seem a bit presumptuous, but they have the goods to back it up. Since their debut in 2001 they've scored several major U.K. hits, including this single from late 2003.

The songwriting co-credit (curiously listed as "Pet Shop Boys" on the single, but more aptly cited as "Tennant/Lowe" in the copyright records) comes from the fact that the synth bass line from "West End Girls" figures prominently in the arrangement. It's not actually a sample but rather a "recreation" of the famous WEG riff. For this reason, the lyrics really don't call for analysis here except to say that they focus on what the girls allegedly look for in a man, summarized as "a man with a hip-hop style." Considering the fact that they had the good taste to borrow from the best, it's probably fair to say that Mis-teeq has style, too—hip-hop or otherwise. wink

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