by Liza Minnelli

Released - 1989
Chart peak - UK #6, US #128

As Neil once put it, "We basically made a Pet Shop Boys album and Liza Minnelli sings it." According to Scott Schechter in his 2004 tome The Liza Minnelli Scrapbook (which, it may be worth noting, embarrassingly refers to the Pet Shop Boys as a trio), most of Results was recorded in an intense course of "midnight sessions" April 18-22, 1989, while Liza was in London for a series of live shows at the Royal Albert Hall with Sammy Davis, Jr. and Frank Sinatra. (Some, however, had already been recorded the preceding month.) The resulting album proved both a critical and commercial success—a significant hit in Europe, where it sold more than 600,000 copies, and a respectable seller even in the United States, where to date it has sold roughly 200,000. Having produced the album (with Julian Mendelsohn) and written most of its songs, Neil and Chris themselves proudly consider the album one of their finest achievements.

Curiously, it was none other than the notorious Gene Simmons of Kiss who served as a "midwife" of sorts to the PSB-Minnelli collaboration. Reportedly it was Simmons who encouraged Liza to record material more "contemporary" than her standard Broadway-oriented fare. And apparently it was he who introduced her to executives at Epic Records, who then arranged her introduction to the Boys—professed fans who were only too pleased to work with her.

Neil and Chris struggled for a while trying to come up with a good title for the album, a task that Liza had left completely up to them. It was during their summer 1989 tour, after hearing an offhand comment by their friend Janet Street-Porter regarding some of her clothes ("I call it my results wear 'cause when I wear them I always get results") that they suddenly settled on the title. Fortunately, Liza loved it!

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It's worth noting that an Expanded Edition of the album was released in June 2017—a comprehensive 3-CD set featuring scads of remixes plus a bonus PAL/Region 0 DVD of music videos and a televised performance by Liza.