Love to Love You, Baby
by Kiki Kokova (Sam Taylor-Wood)

Writers - Bellotte/Moroder/Summer
First released - 2003
Original album - (none)
Producer - Pet Shop Boys
Subsequent albums - (none)
Other releases - single (didn't chart)

Disguised as "Kiki Kokova," U.K. artist Sam Taylor-Wood performed this 2003 remake of the song that nearly thirty years (!) earlier had launched Donna Summer's legendary career as the "queen of disco." The Pet Shop Boys served as producers and remixers. It sounds as though Neil may also be providing some background vocals buried deeply in the mix, and keyboard work by Chris seems likely.

As in Summer's original (and in one of her other musical PSB collaborations, "Je T'Aime…Moi Non Plus"), Taylor-Wood provides a number of simulated vocal—er—climaxes. Further, according to a November 2003 report by the U.K. Independent, she created a "performance art piece" for a party given by the Boys in which, as "Love to Love You, Baby" played in the background, she steadily undressed leather-clad ballet dancer Ivan Putrov (who would later go on to play crucial roles in the genesis and performance of Boys' 2011 ballet The Most Incredible Thing). One observer described it as "rather sensational."


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