Cosmic Fringes
by Paul Weller

Writer - Paul Weller
First released - 2021
Original album - Fat Pop (Volume 1) (Weller)
Subsequent albums - Will of the People (Weller)
Producer - Stan Kybert
Other releases - The "Cosmic Fringes Remixes" single

In February 2021, British singer-songwriter Paul Weller—known for his stints in The Jam and Style Council as well as his solo work—said in an interview that the Pet Shop Boys had done a remix of "Cosmic Fringes," the opening song from his forthcoming album Fat Pop (Volume 1), which would be released that May. The PSB remix doesn't appear on the album itself, but would instead be released in late July as one side of a "Cosmic Fringes Remixes" single (the other side consisting of another remix by Andrew Innes of Primal Scream). Weller described the PSB remix as a "12-minute monster mix."

Neil has stated that the "Pet Shop Boys Triad Remix," as it is titled, consists of three "movements," altogether totaling a little over 12 minutes, although it's challenging to ascertain precisely the "dividing lines" between each of those sections. Chris described it as "three different mixes all joined up together to make one long mega-mix.… But they were conceived as working together." As is often the case with PSB remixes, it includes Neil singing in the background (in this case often buried somewhat deeply in the mix) alongside Weller's original vocals. Chris provided new keyboard parts and reportedly did most of the actual remixing work himself, turning it into a thoroughly danceclub-worthy track. Longtime PSB associate Pete Gleadall also provided engineering and studio assistance.


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