The extremely simplified map on the right shows a portion of nineteenth-century London straddling the Thames River, highlighting several places mentioned or alluded to in the Pet Shop Boys song "The Resurrectionist": Blackfriar's Bridge, Guy's (Guy's Hospital), Bart's (St. Bartholomew's Hospital), the nearby Fortune of War* and King of Denmark pubs (no longer extant), and Newgate Street (where the narrator "saw the hanging," surely at Newgate Prison). Bow Street, popularly known at the time as "Thieving Lane," which is how it's referred to in the song, doesn't appear on the map because it's located about a mile farther to the west.

If you're interested in a more detailed map, with a little online research (such as via Mapquest or Google) you can undoubtedly find one.

Many thanks to Noah Schuitemaker for providing initial information and the inspiration for this map, Jeffrey Durst for tipping me off about the Fortune of War pub, and Laurence Eyton for providing information about the historical King of Denmark pub!

*The highly informative though not always entirely reliable collaborative online reference site Wikipedia provides this fascinating (if somewhat clumsily written) sidenote: "The Fortune of War was the chief house of call north of the river for resurrectionists in body-snatching days years ago. The landlord used to show the room whereon benches round the walls were placed with the snatchers' names waiting till the surgeons at St. Bartholomew's Hospital could run round and appraise them." Thanks to Matt McLauchlin for pointing this out to me.