How many times have you seen the Pet Shop Boys perform live, in person?

So far I've seen them perform live, in person, five times, during their:

  1. Nightlife Tour in 1999,
  2. Fundamental Tour in 2006,
  3. Pandemonium Tour in 2009,
  4. Electric Tour in 2013, and
  5. Super Tour in 2016.

I also had tickets for their local date on the 2002 Release Tour. But, in a horrible twist of fate, my father passed away, and his funeral, more than 2,000 miles away, happened to be on the same day as the show. I could hardly ask my family to postpone Daddy's funeral just so I could attend a concert. So I flew off to the funeral and its associated familial duties, leaving my husband George to attend the concert with a good friend of ours in my stead.

And, wouldn't you know it, the 2002 Release show hasn't been documented on video release (unlike the Nightlife, Fundamental, Pandemonium, and Super Tours). I guess I was just fated never to see it.