Are you any relation to the Studer audio company, famed for its recording equipment?

The Studer audio company was founded in Switzerland in 1948 by Dr. Willi Studer. My ancestors—at least those who supplied me with my surname—also hailed from Switzerland, immigrating to the United States in 1880. I have many distant cousins still living in Switzerland, although I've only ever been in touch with one of them. Meanwhile, Studer isn't exactly the most common of names. So chances are very good that I am in fact distantly related to the Dr. Studer who founded the company. But, aside from that likely distant family connection, I have no involvement whatsoever with the Studer audio brand, which is now a subsidiary of Harman International Industries.

And, by the way, I know for a fact that the Pet Shop Boys have used Studer audio equipment in the recording studio, but that hardly even qualifies as a "coincidence" considering the near-ubiquity of Studer equipment in recording studios around the world.