Only in My Mind
by soulDecision

Writers - Guthrie/Lewko/Lowe/Tennant
First released - 2000
Original album - No One Does It Better (soulDecision)
Subsequent albums - (none)
Other releases - (none)

soulDecision (yes, that's how it's spelled and capitalized) is a Canadian pop trio whose debut album, No One Does It Better, was released in 2000. One of the songs on that album is "Only in My Mind," with its songwriters listed as Trevor Guthrie and Ken Lewko (two of the members of the band) along with "C. Lowe" and "N. Tennant."

As it turns out, the inclusion of this song here is tenuous at best. It seems that the only reason for the Lowe/Tennant co-writing credit is because "Only in My Mind" includes guitar and synth samples lifted from "We All Feel Better in the Dark"—the Brothers in Rhythm After Hours Climax Mix, to be precise. In fact, the song is totally built around one of those guitar samples.

In light of this fact, the lyrics probably aren't particularly of interest here considering the chief purpose of this website—to provide commentary on songs written and/or performed by the Pet Shop Boys. But "Only in My Mind" is a "PSB song" only by a significant stretching of the definition. In case you're interested, however, the lyrics constitute a first-person narrative of unrequited, obsessive love—perhaps even a particularly fanatical fan "singing" to the object of his fandom. In fact, they have an rather creepy tone, as if they were being uttered by a stalker: "I've followed you a lifetime, baby. You could never hide from me." (One especially creepy but still marvelous line is "In every corner of my bed I sleep with you beneath my head.") But at least the narrator seems to arrive at a relatively healthy realization at the end of the chorus when he admits "that everything you've done to me was only in my mind."

In short, it is a pretty nifty uptempo dance-pop song with intriguing lyrics—but, no, it's not really a "Pet Shop Boys song."

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