Nagging PSB "musical mysteries"

Here are what I consider to be the most pesistent, nagging mysteries related to the music of the Pet Shop Boys. Please note that I'm including only mysteries directly regarding their music. I know a lot of my fellow fans have questions about their personal lives, but that's simply not my interest here.

  1. In "Electricity," from what movie(s) or TV show(s) were those samples of dialogue taken? "What are you doing in San Francisco?" "What does it mean?" and "Get out of here and take this cake with you!" As far as I'm concerned, this is the biggest PSB musical mystery, bar none. The really scary thing is that Neil and Chris themselves may not know, in which case it may remain a mystery until a PSB fan (that is, someone familiar with the song, which probably indeed limits it to fans) just happens to hear those lines while randomly watching whatever old movie or TV show it is. And that may take years. It may not even ever happen at all. And the prospect of that being the case just drives me up the infamous wall.

  2. In "To Step Aside," from what recording(s) were those samples of gypsy vocals taken? And what are their English translations?

  3. Do the following Pet Shop Boys tracks actually contain samples of these recordings by other artists, as has been speculated, or are these speculations mistakes or misunderstandings?

    • Does the Creative Thieves "Dub Mix" of "Was It Worth It?" contain a sample from Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus"?
    • Does the Trentemøller "Sodom" mix of "The Sodom and Gomorrah Show" contain a sample from New Order's "Blue Monday"?
    • Does "Love Life" contain a sample from the Gibson Brothers' "Cuba"? And, while we're on the subject of "Love Life," was it based on an earlier attempt by the Boys to record a remake of the song "Satisfaction Guaranteed (or Take Your Love Back)," originally by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, which they abandoned in favor of a new song altogether?